Welcome to Nick Helman's E-Portfolio

My name is Nicholas Helman, i am 17 and a junior at Hatboro Horsham High School. i am in the science club and i guess you can say that im in stage crew. i am really good at science and im ok at math. math and science are my favorite subjects but i just love any class that teaches me something new. in the futer i hope to aspire to be alone in the woods living off the land or a park ranger. what ever comes first.

Out side of school i am a very active boy scout working towrdes my eagles and helping others along the way. i love camping and the outdoors. my weekends consest of walking around town finding geocasches, spending time with friends, reading, and also stimulating my mind with complex puzzles.i cant believe im going to be a senior next year. but i go with the flow. so stay and look around my wiki